Social Media vs Websites

This is not an either-or choice!

Social media is a platform to get your name known. Your Website gives your claims from social media credibility. They go hand in hand with each other, therefore, neglecting one will hurt the other.

The pandemic has shown us how important our websites are. The companies that had their websites up to scratch have reaped the rewards. Done well, a website becomes your digital shop window to your business which can show your products and services in the best way.

A good website will become the central hub of your marketing strategy. It needs to be kept up to date with the look and technologies and in keeping with your brand identity that you want to project. This will help people to recognise you and keep you in mind when they need you.

Case Study – CleanSec

Neil from CleanSec is exceptional at Social Media Marketing! The time and dedication he places in his social presence is second-to-none. Unfortunately, his Website was lacking in direction and appeal, and his Google rankings were minimal.

Working closely with Neil we created a look and feel that he is happy with, and then built the site focusing on Customer flow and Google rankings. (see our previous post here for more info on the design process)

CleanSec now ranks Google Page 1 for their specific business areas, and 3rd on the Google Business Listings for “Cleaning Company Weston-super-Mare”

The combination of Social Media and a good Web presence can work wonders!