Design vs Development on a website

Now we have all heard the term “Web Designer” or “Web Developer” but what is the difference?

Web developer is easy, it is a person who understands code and can build a website. This doesn’t often mean they can create a website that looks correct for your customers.

Web designer sadly is a loose term used in the industry. In our opinion, a web designer should be a designer that understands layout and branding. The new term for this is a UX/UI designer (user experience design & user interface design), their job is to create the user interface to appeal to your customer base. Now most of the time they may understand developing but, on the ​whole, wouldn’t build you a website.

People will push heavily about SEO, this is important for people finding your website and is a good thing. However, if your website does not appeal to your customers, they won’t stay long enough to buy or want to contact you. Appealing to your customers is the main reason for having a website. It’s your digital shop window and all the pages are the rails of your shop and the interior of your offices.

If you think of it as your office or shop, would you want your customers to walk in and see an unpainted wall or a pipe leaking? My guess is you would not, so why don’t you think of your website in the same way. Make sure it looks good and functions well so that your customers get to see you in a perfect light.

It’s a balancing act between design and functionality. This is why we have the opinion that it takes 2 or more people to make a good website. At Twisted​Web we start with design, we talk to our customers and find out what the company is and who their ideal customers are and build the design around that. Then a developer looks over the design and makes adjustments for buildability and functionality.

The developer will also look at whether the website will work for SEO. Having the basics done at the start will help in the future of the development and expansion of a website.

Getting the design right will make you money quickly and be more cost-efficient.