Graphic Design

This is a broad subject area that covers all areas of marketing. This includes branding, advertisement and social media.

Good design works with your brand, not against it. This is also why your branding is so important to get it right at the beginning. If you have full brand guidelines, you will have template ideas ready for how you will use your brand. From this, advertising and print media become much easier to do, which in turn helps your band look better as a whole. This is where consideration of a logo isn’t just about a logo and should incorporate the entire brand. This helps for any future projects. This is also why paying out at the start will save you money in the future. If you feel that your adverts are fighting with your logo, then maybe this means your logo isn’t right for your business. 

I think there is a couple of areas of design that should be covered:

Advert design/Point of sale

This should be a customer-focused design. It needs to catch the eye of your intended customer so colour, images, fonts and layout need to be correct for the target market. It’s all about putting yourself in your customer’s minds and showing them what they want to see. Don’t overlook font choice, the wrong font can give totally the wrong look and feel to your advert and too many fonts get confusing. 

Brand recognition

When I say print I mean the basic stationery, not leaflets and brochures these come under advert design. By stationery, we mean business cards and letterheads. These need to represent your brand and show your customers they can buy with confidence. We feel that linked to this and often overlooked, are email signatures. In the age of digital communication, it’s another extension of your brand. Of course, the ultimate goal for any brand is to become known as the item, for example, Sellotape and Hoover, or the service, for example, Google or Rightmove. These are all terms people use to describe an item or a process, but they are brands.

Coca-Cola, for example, has changed its logo once and changed it back to something very similar to the original design. Now Pepsi has changed its logo and brand 11 times in the same time frame. The cost to revamp your brand every year becomes very expensive and not what we would advise.