Creating a logo

Now creating a logo that will last you the time of your company isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s paramount to get it right first time. If you don’t you will end up spending money on marketing, signage and clothing only to have to get them all re-done. We would suggest that you take a little more time on this decision as it will save money later on down the road. 

Colours and layout all say things about your company. Fonts are a huge decision as well. They all give a picture of what type of firm you are so getting this right will help you get noticed in the right way. For instance, red gives a reaction of urgency and deals. Greens can give an association with health and tranquillity. Fonts can give the same feeling. If you are targeting the premium end of the market, you need to show this in your fonts and feel of your logo.

Equally importantly, you need to like the finished product. If you don’t, you will be less happy to show it to your customers and make that sale. 

If you want to have a go yourself, we would suggest that you take a look at company brands. Find logos of all areas of business and see what ones you like and just as importantly, the ones you don’t like. From this, find what makes you feel good about a company and take the bits that work for you.