Do people still use Print Media

The million-dollar question. I would agree in the current climate, Covid has really hit print. But I am still getting leaflets put through my door, so some people are still using them. I personally feel that certain things are an extension of the overall branding of your company. A nice business card says more about your work than you think. If you give out cheap print out it shows that you don’t care.

Whereas if you hand out something nice and different people take notice. This carries on to all areas of print. If you want to show hi-quality work, it’s worth spending that little more on hi-quality brochures, rather than a takeaway style leaflet (you all should know what I mean by this). Now don’t get me wrong the cheap leaflets have their place in advertisement they are a great way to get the word out on a large scale. 

I would suggest if you are personally handing out the print whatever it is; business cards, leaflets, brochures or presentation folders, make them a statement. If they are nice and people can feel and see the difference, you will be remembered for the right reasons. 

In conclusion, I don’t feel print will ever die. It’s still the best way to get your brand across to people when you meet and keep you in their minds when you leave. It still has a place in mass marketing along with social media and websites.

To round it off they all represent your brand and if one is lacking people will notice.